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Our Product Recommendation Microapp Beat an Industry Competitor by 15%

by Monica Jade Romeri, on Jul 30, 2018 10:17:16 AM

A2Go’s eCommerce Product Recommendation App relies on customer browsing histories to identify relevant products to recommend to customers via email. Any business with a website knows how important it is to influence website visitors to purchase products. The eCommerce Product Recommendation Microapp will tell you which product to suggest to each customer. The products that are recommended are identified by the app, as the products most likely to be purchased based on a customer's browsing data. Once businesses know which products should be recommended, an email can be sent to that customer with an offer. Individualizing the product recommendations has a major impact on converting recommendations to sales, compared to emails presenting random products or mass emails to all customers with all offers.

One of our clients, a global fast-fashion company operating in Brazil switched from an industry competitor to our app. As a result, their email marketing campaigns lead to 15% more sales. Our app is able to do this by increasing relevance for each website visitor. By tracking which pages they view and how long they view them, we can determine which products they are considering as purchases.

For example, if I navigate to a webpage for only two seconds, it is clear that the product on the page did not catch my attention. If I spend a total of two minutes looking at a webpage, I am likely interested in the product displayed. This information helps us provide personalized product lists to our clients. They, in turn, can customize their daily email marketing campaigns with highly relevant product recommendations for each subscriber, which a significant increase in sales.

Some Guidelines for High-Quality Email Marketing

Create a friendly tone by addressing your prospects by their first names. Do not assume that everyone on your email list has the same interests; take the time to custom-tailor your email content to the unique interests of your subscribers. Inquire about their likes and pain points, when they opt in so that you can effectively segment your email lists.

If you create winning email marketing, you will see an increase in lead generation and sales with each round of emails starting out. You should refrain from emailing too often and wearing out your goodwill. Sending an extra email for a good reason on occasion is acceptable. However, when new emails are added to the mix too quickly, your boosts in sales could plateau, stop or even reverse over time. Watch your email engagement metrics to ensure this does not happen. 

Would you like to increase the relevance of your product recommendations and boost sales? Contact our Chief Customer Officer, Rafael Fanchini: to learn more.

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