How We Help Quick Service Restaurants with Augmented Analytics

Monica Jade Romeri, Aug 13, 2018 1:19:55 PM

To illustrate how powerful data analytics and microapps are for quick service restaurants, let me start by sharing a brief case study below. For quick service restaurants, we recommend the following microapps: Short-Term Demand Prediction, Cross-Selling, Sales Rewards, Marketing Campaign Optimization, and Digital Menu Optimization. 

Short-Term Demand Prediction 

The Short-Term Demand Prediction Microapp (SDPM) provides quick-service restaurants with the ability to predict demand in the time frame of minutes or hours. The microapp is particularly valuable for restaurants in which a significant portion of operating cost lies in their ability to predict how much product they will need to have on hand at any given time. Our Short-Term Demand Prediction Microapp can be used to predict demand on different aggregation levels—from individual items to categories of products. Short-Term Demand Prediction allows a business to manage their operations and production schedules using real-time augmented analytics to accurately predict demand by focusing on improving efficiency and reducing waste without jeopardizing the customer experience.



The Cross-Selling App provides quick-service restaurants with the ability to perform highly context-specific cross-selling recommendations in real time, even for contexts where customer-specific information is not available. For every single transaction, this application will provide a list of additional product recommendations for customers based on objective data-driven analytics. The recommended products are specific to that customer at that moment and, therefore, have a high likelihood of being purchased by that customer along with their other items. The benefits of this application are improved customer satisfaction and improved sales. Consumers today are demanding more personalized shopping experiences. The Cross-Selling App gives you that personalization. 


Marketing Campaign Optimization

Marketing campaigns represent a key instrument for quick-service restaurants to influence demand by focusing on attracting customers to the stores and achieving planned revenue. However, defining when and where to execute campaigns and how much to spend is a very complex decision. The Marketing Campaign Optimization Microapp (MCOM) is built to understand how demand for products responds to marketing campaigns at different geographical granularities.  Our MCO Microapp recommends when, where and how much to invest to optimize the ROI for each of your marketing campaigns.


Digital Menu Optimization

It is now common to find in-store digital ordering kiosks scattered around many retail stores, including fast food restaurants. At a fast food restaurant, for example, customers walk in and instead of approaching the counter to place their order, they enter their order into a kiosk screen placed nearby the counter. Digital kiosks are meant to speed up the ordering process and thereby increase traffic and revenue. Our Digital Menu Optimization Microapp (DMOM) works with quick-service digital restaurant menus to dynamically (in real-time) optimize menu contents per store for any given time period. The use of data analytics makes it possible for our DMO Microapp to repopulate the digital menu with items that it predicts people will buy at that given time in that store. This real-time manipulation of the menu content drives up individual ticket value and therefore, revenue. 


Sales Rewards

The Sales Reward Microapp (SRM) enables quick-service restaurants to manage and measure the cross-selling performance of their sales force, which has a high correlation with direct selling performance. Once the SRM is in place, the business owner or store manager has the option to establish employee reward programs based on the cross-selling performance of individual employees, individual stores or any grouping of the sales force. It is widely known that happy employees make productive employees; employee retention is vital to any business due to significant costs related to recruiting and training. Since the performance of employees and locations depends on many variables that are usually hard to measure, they can be difficult to manage. The A2Go Sales Reward Microapp, combined with our Cross-Selling Microapp, gives business owners the tools to understand how well each employee or restaurant is doing with the cross-selling recommendations as well as a way to positively impact employee satisfaction rates.  


What Quick Service Restaurants Can Achieve with A2Go Microapps

  • Boost sales
  • Increase average ticket value
  • Increase visit frequency
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve operations efficiency

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